1 Data Science: Exercise Solutions

These are the exercise solutions for this data science curriculum. Note that you should attempt to do each exercise before consulting the solutions! However, if you get stuck, you should make sure to consult these materials.

1.1 How to Set Up These Materials

  1. (Setup) Complete this exercise to install RStudio.
  2. (Setup) Download and unzip this archive to obtain the curriculum materials.
  3. (Setup) Open the folder you unzipped as a project in RStudio (File > Open Project...).
  4. (Learn) Work through the exercise files in the exercises_sequenced/ folder at your own pace to learn data science skills.
  5. (Learn) Use the challenges in the challenges/ folder to put your new skills to use.

1.2 How to Use This Guide

  • Download and install the materials, as described in the steps above.
  • Work through the exercises; if you get stuck, take a look at this solution guide to get unstuck.